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Financial abuse

When does abuse in the workplace become too much?

We are accustomed to workplace discussions and interventions that encourage and support physical safety. With the #MeToo revolution, there was also a demand that gender-based safety be taken into account to a greater extent, and any kind of behavior and speech that creates subversive or negative situations or effects for individuals depending on their gender is gradually being addressed. Read more »When does abuse in the workplace become too much?

Managerial abuse towards employees

On 27.04.2023 the radio show, Mannlegi þátturinn (e. the human factor) interviewed Vinnuhjálp's founder, Sunna Arnardóttir, regarding manager's abuse towards other employees. The interview was conducted by Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir and Gunnar Hansson.

Financial abuse in the labor market

Financial abuse is an obvious problem in the labor market, which unfortunately is reduced to an economic crime. A better understanding of what financial abuse is is necessary to be able to deal with the problem.