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Silencing techniques

Managerial silencing techniques

Managers who use anything other than positive management practices run the risk of employees pointing out their shortcomings as managers. Many managers welcome suggestions about what can be done better, and use the employees' suggestions to improve themselves in their work. No manager is perfect with complete knowledge of good management practices, and it is therefore normal to receive occasional suggestions about behavior or incidents that could have been done better. Read more »Managerial silencing techniques

Managerial abuse in the workplace

We will all say that we are against any kind of abuse. We all want to stand up for those who are being abused. We all want to live in a just world, where neither abuse nor injustice is tolerated. Unfortunately, we aren't active enough at letting our behavior reflect our words. Both in our daily lives, as well as in the labor market. This is something we have to change. Read more »Managerial abuse in the workplace